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  • Flo
    Jun 29 1:09 PM
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "ebbtidalflats" <ebbtidalflats@...>
      > Hi Flo,
      > I'm curious about a line in your clips,...


      > ...why you chose the function, rather than the menu command?

      The menu command follows the settings in "Options | Tools".
      ^$StrSort$ allows to define the sorting independently of these

      > Also, why sort the short words to the bottom?

      This has been described by Sheri before. Sheri also explained why
      this isn't really necessary when running the clip on word lists and

      > wouldn't finding the partials speed up the search

      I think it isn't a matter of speed, and the difference would scarcely
      be measurable. What really matters is what you want to achieve.
      That's why you can choose substrings or whole words.

      > Do you have a specific use in mind for this keyword
      > manipulation? Is this a comparison of two keyword lists, or
      > what?

      One use, I suppose, has sufficiently been described (protection of
      certain terms and word forms from being deleted by substrings). There
      are many more applications I could think of. Why not comparing two
      word lists, e.g. by subtracting list A from list B in order to get
      the difference? For me, dealing with word lists is mainly related to
      Text Retrieval and indexing of text databases, and NT has become an
      indispensable tool in this field.

      Several members have contributed to this thread. I just tried to find
      out how these proposals could be integrated into this clip. It isn't
      more than a box of building blocks. Maybe you could pick out some
      ideas matching your own needs...

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