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16673Re: [Clip] Re: Creation of clip

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  • hsavage
    Jun 25, 2007
      Flo wrote:
      > Hi Sheri,
      > I'm grateful to you for all these recommendations, and I
      tried to apply them to this clip...
      >> When a clip makes use of the clipboard, its nice to
      >> restore its original contents at the end.
      > That's not given here, isn't it? But I think it could
      >> easily be done by saving its contents in a variable, and
      >> afterwards pasting it back to the clipboard like...
      > ^!Set %Var%=^$GetClipboard$ ... ^!SetClipboard ^%Var%


      If you're insistent about restoring the clipboard to its previous state
      after running a clip you might want to check into the following 2 clip

      ^!ClipBoardRestore [+]

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