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16650Re: Creation of clip

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  • Flo
    Jun 21, 2007
      Sheri wrote...

      > How many keywords? If not more than a few hundred could
      > possibly use something like this (uses regular expression
      > matching).
      > ^!Setlistdelimiter ^P ;next is one long line ^!Set
      > %linesout%=^$GetDocMatchAll("(?-
      > i)^.*(comprehensive|switch|system).*^%dollar%";0)$ ;end long
      > line ^!Toolbar New Document ^!InsertText ^%linesout%

      In fact, the alternation to be used with ^$GetDocMatchAll$ seems to
      be limited. When testing this with a file of 250 keywords, and a text
      of 16,000 lines, it works fine. It fails when taking those 250
      keywords as text, and 16.000 words as keywords. NT5 reacts with the

      "Regex error: internal error: overran compiling workspace".

      (You may test it with those files at http://flogehrke.homepage.t-
      online.de/491/ntf-wordlist.zip we used for testing another clip some
      month ago.)

      Is this limitation definable in any way?

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