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  • Sheri
    Jun 14, 2007
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "idisnick" <idisnick@...> wrote:
      > Can you help me create this clip, I can't figure it out.
      > I have a long list, and a second list of keywords,
      > I would like to have NoteTab take the keywords list and search the
      > first list for them and parse out all the lines (entire lines) that
      > contain those keywods. If you want a fee to do this let me know. Thanks.

      How many keywords? If not more than a few hundred could possibly use
      something like this (uses regular expression matching).

      ^!Setlistdelimiter ^P
      ;next is one long line
      ;end long line
      ^!Toolbar New Document
      ^!InsertText ^%linesout%

      Run on with the What's New Text file showing and lines containing any
      of those three words get pasted to a new buffer.

      Does not work in versions of NoteTab earlier than 5.1.

      The (?-i) part is causing the search to be case sensitive. If you want
      it to be case insensitive, use (?i) instead. If you leave it off, it
      seems to be defaulting to (?i) which is not what I expected.

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