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  • lm_hamilton
    May 31, 2007
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      I put together a lot of information I found online about command line
      FTP a several years ago.

      I have an outline file on my NoteTab page:

      See the link "FTP Notes (Not just for NoteTab)".

      You can either download the outline file, or browse from the FTP Note
      page. http://www.kairoscomputers.com/notetab/FTP_Notes.php

      The nice thing about ftp.exe is that it is scriptable. The outline
      includes examples of batch files.

      The FTP clip library included with NoteTab uses the Windows ftp.exe.
      The FTP Server Setup clip allows you to specify a directory to use by
      default. I see that the Upload script may have an issue. I do not have
      time to troubleshoot it right now.

      I thought for sure I had a clip to do FTP like you want, but cannot
      find it at the moment. I will post it when/if I find it, or re-write it.

      I believe that Jody may have had one on his site. I know he had one
      for use with WSFtp.

      Larry Hamilton

      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Axel Berger <Axel-Berger@...> wrote:
      > I have found the FTP template and I do know how to use the commandline
      > version of FTP, but I still need help here.
      > All pages on my sites carry the "valid HTML" icon and the easiest way to
      > verify changes is to load the page and click that. Unfortunately this
      > makes checking alterations a three step process
      > 1) Save file
      > 2) Upload using Totalcommander
      > 3) Open or reload in Browser
      > Does anyone have a clip that uploads the current file that I could
      > modify to meet my setup? Adding a browser call for that file would be
      > trivial, but I have no idea how to go about the FTP bit.
      > Danke
      > Axel
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