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16486Windows Vista Keyboard Commands, was Re: Clip doesn't work since upgrade to 5.1

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  • bubblefisch2002
    May 13, 2007
      Hi everybody!
      > I must confess that I was not thrilled when I tried to buy a
      > new notebook with something other than Vista, or that removing
      > Vista and installing XP Pro in its place did not really work
      > because the notebook was designed very much with Vista in mind
      > and so XP drivers were not available for all its components.
      > There are some things about Vista I actually like, but there
      > are also a number of frustrations.
      > That said, there is, apparently, a way around the problem of
      > installing Vista on a clean drive, without having to install
      > another version of Windows first. I forget where I read this
      > just a couple of days ago -- it might've been Lockergnome, it
      > might've been somewhere else, I don't know. Here's what you
      > need to do:
      > 1. Start the Vista installation on the clean drive, but at
      > the beginning of the process, do *not* enter the CD code.
      > This puts you in "evaluation mode."
      > 2. Reinstall Vista, but this time *do* enter the CD code at
      > the beginning of the process. Installation should proceed
      > normally.
      > That's what I read anyway. YMMV.
      > Scott

      I have read that too, it was in the Langalist-Newsletter of Fred Langa.
      Now he is cooperating with "Windows Secrets" on www.windowssecrets.com
      (or similar).

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