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16482Re: [Clip] Windows Vista Keyboard Commands, was Re: Clip doesn't work since upgrade to 5.1

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  • Scott Fordin
    May 11, 2007
      Jeff Scism wrote:
      > > Dump Vista?
      > At about $300, it was an expensive downgrade. And you have to completely
      > wipe the HD to reinstall using an earlier Windows version, which has t
      > be a full install version, another couple of hundred bucks. Then you
      > have to bring in all your content and reinstall all your programs.
      > A very expensive proposition, that some IT folks tell me NEVER goes well
      > or easy. There is always Linux, or some of the other alternate operating
      > systems...

      I must confess that I was not thrilled when I tried to buy a
      new notebook with something other than Vista, or that removing
      Vista and installing XP Pro in its place did not really work
      because the notebook was designed very much with Vista in mind
      and so XP drivers were not available for all its components.
      There are some things about Vista I actually like, but there
      are also a number of frustrations.

      That said, there is, apparently, a way around the problem of
      installing Vista on a clean drive, without having to install
      another version of Windows first. I forget where I read this
      just a couple of days ago -- it might've been Lockergnome, it
      might've been somewhere else, I don't know. Here's what you
      need to do:

      1. Start the Vista installation on the clean drive, but at
      the beginning of the process, do *not* enter the CD code.
      This puts you in "evaluation mode."

      2. Reinstall Vista, but this time *do* enter the CD code at
      the beginning of the process. Installation should proceed

      That's what I read anyway. YMMV.

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