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16478Re: [Clip] Windows Vista Keyboard Commands, was Re: Clip doesn't work since upgrade to 5.1

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  • Jeff Scism
    May 11, 2007
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      sisterscape wrote:
      > Well, then educate your client!
      > I went to visit with my local computer guy yesterday. Of course, the
      > topic of conversation drifted to Vista rather quickly. He said he had 8
      > upgrade failures currently needing repair! A result of "buy this
      > machine loaded with XP and receive a free upgrade" offers gone bad.
      > While I was there one guy came to pick up his Vista laptop which had
      > acquired all sorts of nasties - over 40 - including viruses. So much
      > for MS security. We agreed that the "Vista is soooo secure" campaign
      > was nothing but a PR scam. It was fun.

      The security anti-virus that ships with Vista is inoperative, it lets
      you think you are protected but is really just a front, I replaced mine
      with Avast!

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