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16465Re: [Clip] XML and Coldfusion

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  • Alan
    May 7, 2007
      On Monday 07 May 2007 07:58, Loren Scherbak wrote:
      [ . . ]
      > Basically, our main interest is in getting the file to the server
      > using some kind of mechanism that can trigger a Coldfusion process.
      > Our preference is to use a HTTP based request (i.e. an HTTP post or
      > get operation, or a web service).

      That typically uses a web browser with a web page loaded for user to click
      button on web page.

      Notetab can load a certain specified .htm file into a certain specified web
      browser and can send keystrokes ie "TAB" "TAB" then paste into a field
      then "click" the enter key (so as to send off your post or get request).

      That can work. Can sometimes be a bit of fiddling (experimenting of timing,
      delays if needed, etc.) to get implemented.

      Alternatively, Perl is excellent at automating www (scraping, posting, etc.)
      various what would otherwise be "human interaction" with a web browser tasks.

      And Notetab integrates excellently with Perl.

      This latter (Perl) situation (after activated in Notetab by your user) would
      then happen entirely in the background. The first mentioned (without Perl)
      the user would see the web browser pop up, taking focus away from Notetab --
      your user would then visually in the web browser see the results of Notetab
      sending keystrokes. (Some Win Vista users have reported that Notetab
      keystroke sending does not work in Vista).

      > I expect that this is an uncommon request, but if anyone else has done
      > something similar, we would be very grateful to know what they did and
      > how they did it.

      I've formerly done the first that I listed above (I used Notetab to get me
      automatically logged in to Yahoo Groups) (loose focus of Notetab though,
      focus goes to web browser).

      As to Perl and notetab, I've had notetab be the control agent for Perl whereby
      Perl (Perl module either native module or module from a PPM repository)
      retrieved a web page's content then Perl stripped the html then formatted the
      text then dumped the text into a new Notetab doc for me to read (read weather
      observations and forecasts in Notetab rather than going to said www site with
      a web browser to read the aforementioned. (OK I'm lazy, didn't like to leave
      Notetab) Thats called scraping (scrape a www site).

      I've not ever done a post or get with Perl/Notetab. But there are many Perl
      lists/newsgroups out there. And I *know* it can. Perl modules: LWP and

      Either of those two modules do post/get. Depends on your www needs (this,
      specifically the www post/get I do not know enough about so as to further
      specify what your exact (from the 2 listed) target Perl module.

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