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16464Re: [Clip] XML and Coldfusion

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  • Loren Scherbak
    May 7, 2007
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      Thanks for the feedback. We already have mechanisms in place to deal
      with the XML file once it's been uploaded to the server. We're trying
      to see if we can get NoteTab to mimic a form POST request so we can
      then perform the cffile upload operation (other alternatives might be
      using a GET request or using a web service). That way, our users don't
      have to separately save their file, go to a form, and upload the file,
      but instead can simply click a button and have every step of that
      process automated for them. We're willing to program all the steps
      that "make the magic happen" -- we just want to save our users the

      Basically, our main interest is in getting the file to the server
      using some kind of mechanism that can trigger a Coldfusion process.
      Our preference is to use a HTTP based request (i.e. an HTTP post or
      get operation, or a web service). The alternative is to copy or ftp
      the file up to the Coldfusion server and then have an event gateway
      trigger an action. But event gateways only work in CF Enterprise
      edition, which we don't have (and we don't see justifying the extra
      $2000 price tag, if there's some other way of doing this).

      I expect that this is an uncommon request, but if anyone else has done
      something similar, we would be very grateful to know what they did and
      how they did it.

      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, tom thomas <tom@...> wrote:
      > CF is my programming language of choice. I don't exactly understand
      > what you are trying to accomplish though. I have manually created xml
      > files using NoteTab and have written few clips to help. CF will parse
      > xml files using the xmlParse() function. NoteTab can work with an FTP
      > program to upload your files for you to the server. Another way to
      > get the xml files to the server is via the cffile upload tag.
      > Thanks,
      > Tom Thomas
      > At 08:19 AM 5/7/2007, you wrote:
      > >We need to have XML files we are creating in NoteTab Pro interact with
      > >Coldfusion programming. Is it possible to do these two actions within
      > >NoteTab?
      > >a) The file is saved. The archivist presses a button (or however tasks
      > >are triggered), and that file is then uploaded through a specified URL
      > >as a "POST" operation. It is not enough for it to be uploaded (i.e.
      > >through FTP) -- it has to be through a web page so that Coldfusion can
      > >know to interact with it. NoteTab should then re-direct to the HTML
      > >file when it's done parsing.
      > >
      > >b) The file is either saved or not. The archivist presses a button,
      > >and the CONTENTS of the file are sent to a specified URL as a "POST"
      > >operation. That then feeds in the XML data, creates an XML file,
      > >transforms that using the stylesheet, and redirects to that HMTL file
      > >when it's done parsing.
      > >
      > >
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