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16369Re: [Clip] Keyboard usage in Clips - a BUG.

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  • Don Daugherty
    Apr 2, 2007
      Jeff Scism wrote:
      > 1. Is the use of ^!Keyboard calls in Clips "in version 5.1" NOT
      > supported ( ie: a programming error in NoteTab) or does it work with
      > delays added into the clips? (not on my machine...)
      > 2. The ^!Keyboard failures reported seem to be a issue with the updated
      > NoteTab, not Windows Vista.
      > (Even though Windows Vista has security processes which make calling
      > keystrokes from automated processes iffy, I don't think that is the
      > issue in NoteTab, I think it is a bug in the program.)
      My experience with NoteTab Pro 4.95 and 5.x. running under XP2 is that
      ^!Keyboard calls work the same in either version, 4.95 or 5.1x.
      Experimentally determined delays, or adaptive delay loops are needed
      when feeding data or instructions to other programs, especially browsers
      and other internet-dependent applications. Hence I would consider
      Vista-incompatibility to be the prime suspect if total non-performance
      is encountered.
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