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16365time problem

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  • Dave
    Mar 30, 2007
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      The clip below has a couple of problems
      the set %PERFORMER% line and the ^!SetArray %ST% line ,can they be combined
      into one line ?
      The other problem I think is harder example at end off clip.
      H="cue List"
      ^!set %number%=0
      ^!SetListDelimiter ":"
      ^!SetArray %ST%=^?{TOTAL Time (hh:nn:ss)}

      ^!Set %1sec%=^$Calc(^%ST3% + ^%ST2% * 60 + ^%ST1% * 3600)$
      ^!Set %secS%=^$Calc(^%1sec%/^%TRACKS%)$

      ^!InsertText PERFORMER "^%PERFORMER%"
      ^!InsertText ^pTITLE "^%TITLE%"
      ^!InsertText ^pFILE "^%FILE%" MP3
      ^!SetHintInfo PRESS Shift key to continue clip
      ^!IfFalse ^$IsShiftKeyDown$ Skip_-1 ELSE NEXT
      ^!SetHintInfo Continue...........
      ^!inc %number%
      ^!Set %TIME%=^$Calc(^%secS%*^%number%)$
      ^!Set %min%=^$StrCopyRight("^$Calc((^%TIME%-3600*^%TIME%DIV3600)div60)$";2)$
      ^!Set %sec%=^$StrCopyRight("^$Calc(^%TIME% MOD 60)$";2)$

      ^!InsertText ^p TRACK 0^%number% AUDIO
      ^!InsertText ^p TITLE "^%TRACKTITLE%"
      ^!InsertText ^p PERFORMER "^%TRACKPERFORMER%"
      ^!InsertText ^p INDEX 01 ^%min%:^%sec%:^%sec%
      ^!IF ^%NUMBER% <= ^$Calc(^%TRACKS%-1)$ LOOP

      this is what the clip does the problem is marked on a total time of
      00:45:45 ,I can not work out how to do this ?

      PERFORMER "qwed"
      TITLE "tggt"
      FILE "tgthgrh.mp3" MP3
      TRACK 01 AUDIO
      TITLE "asd"
      PERFORMER "asdf"
      INDEX 01 15:15:15 -------This should be 00:00:00
      TRACK 02 AUDIO
      TITLE "gth"
      PERFORMER "yhju"
      INDEX 01 30:30:30-------This should be 15:15:15
      TRACK 03 AUDIO
      TITLE "hjjj"
      PERFORMER "gtyh"
      INDEX 01 45:45:45-------This should be 30:30:30

      the total time does not matter can anyone help please ?