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16208Re: [Clip] .css file not being totally read?

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Mar 9, 2007
      Folks, this is off topic and should go to private email if you wish to
      continue it.
      I have no idea what you are discussing, but it isn't a clip.

      Christine wrote:
      > Dearheart, this ain't math.
      > There are speech habits in any language that carry nuances that one
      > can never know if not native. I do understand that. As a matter of
      > fact, although I learned German 5 years' worth of college in Germany,
      > I learned most from my French boyfriend. Imagine how messy my
      > umgangsprache is.
      > Just like one wouldn't say "quite" to someone English-English, one
      > (to an American) doesn't say,
      > Your problem is..
      > "No problem" instead of "You're welcome"
      > "you're too big" to a woman
      > Anything relating to "Yo mama"
      > Have a nice day after essentially telling someone to screw off.
      > As you can tell, it'll bring up all kinds of things never intended.
      > My problem, if you insist, which brought me to the list, was with
      > my .css file, not with the case (or changing them) of my html.
      > Christine
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