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16185Re: [Clip] .css file not being totally read?

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  • Axel Berger
    Mar 8, 2007
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      > --- Christine <christine@...> wrote:
      > > Axel,
      > > Isn't that why one should use percentages, vs. fixed widths and
      > > heights?
      sisterscape wrote:
      > I'm not Axel but yes. Same goes for font sizing - ems and
      > percentages allow for flexibility.

      Sorry, but you're both wrong, because one can't do both. If you want a
      cell to be right for its content then you need to size it in ems, if you
      want it to conform to the window you have to use percentages. For one,
      and only one, window size, i.e. the one the designer happened to have
      been using herself, will the two measures coincide and the design look

      N.B: Is there any way to use em in Javascript? I have done my utmost to
      make my site http://berger-odenthal.de conform to whatever window the
      reader chooses but there still is of course a best size. In some places
      I have put two pictures side by side and ideally they should just fit,
      any more and the lines get too long. So for those who unlike me do not
      switch JS off I thought I might offer a "resize window to optimum"
      button, but that optimum should reflect the chosen font size.

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