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16051[Clip] Re: functional, but dysfunctional also onclipboardchange and ^!clip

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  • notetab_is_great
    Feb 3, 2007
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Alan <acummingsus@...> wrote:
      > (I just saw your reply to Harvey - so I thought I'd mention this
      it's the
      > truth) BTW, my "opining" is based upon my experience of writing and
      > clips and years of following this clips list and that I'm a very highly
      > mechanical aptitude person. IOW, I choose not to believe the help
      file, and
      > I "hack like crazy" and if I can make it work reliably then I'll use
      it. I
      > certainly do not have firm belief systems of what I limit myself to
      > consists of what will and what will not work. To resolve something, I
      > usually hack code until I get something to work (in addition to
      > what others offer and considering the documentation/help).

      Sounds like a good process to me :) But the documentation can be
      helpful (though terse), in the areas in which it chooses to be. It is
      nice, for example, not to have to try strange combinations of
      characters after ^! to discover what operations are available...
      although maybe we could discover some great features that way!

      > > Yet Jody seems to write clips that use the feature, and so do others
      > > on this board. So it seems to be an acceptable use, perhaps it might
      > > be a supported feature, but it could be a well-used bonus feature.
      > I myself have certainly not known that this is "well used"
      > I would tend to think that it has not been used very much. I've not
      seen it
      > in use very much if at all.
      > One thing I do know, however, is that if it can work, people will
      use it.
      > I've seen almost anything and everything. So, I'm not surprised
      that you
      > have argument material against my mentioned herein opine of bonus.

      Well, sometimes you see what you look for... it is hard to say how
      much use multitasking clips have gotten, but certainly it seems that
      they have gotten some use, because there is discussion about having
      clips that sit in the background and do things, and how to end them
      "typically by watching for Shift+Alt" and a couple coding conventions
      for detecting that combination.

      > > Can anyone declare that simultaneous clips are a bonus feature? What
      > > are the chances of them being removed, deprecated, or enhanced,
      > > respectively, in future version of NoteTab?
      > >
      > > If I build clips that depend on them, are they likely to continue
      > >
      > > Are there other limits that are likely to surface as clip complexity
      > > increases?
      > notetab_is_great, I sincerely wish you good luck and happiness in
      all of your
      > endeavors.

      Thanks Alan, I wonder if Mr. Fookes ever reads any of this stuff, on
      the forums, and comments. Seems the knowledge on this topic is quite
      limited (only a few responders, with only experimental knowledge (like
      mine, but mine is based on very limited experience so far))... so a
      few comments from Mr. Fookes might be extremely enlightening.
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