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16047Re: [Clip] Re: functional, but dysfunctional also onclipboardchange

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  • hsavage
    Feb 3, 2007
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      notetab_is_great wrote:
      > Below is a revised library that demonstrates up to 6 concurrent
      > clips running: manually invoke, a few seconds apart, donothing1,
      > donothing2, donothing3, and donothing4 in that order. Then invoke
      > bar. Then put something on the clipboard. That is a total of 6
      > clips running concurrently, and bar succeeds, providing that
      > OnClipboardChange also succeeds. And watching the status bar long
      > enough (90 seconds from when you started) will demonstrate that the
      > other clips were still there, successfully.

      WordWeb's definition of concurrent.
      concurrent = Occurring or operating at the same time

      Although you initialize these 'DoNothing?' clips they are not running
      concurrently, they are running serially, in tandem, one after another.

      You can discover that by watching the NoteTab status line. The clips
      will run 'last in, first out' order.

      The delays will time out in the last clip then the next most recent clip
      will start timing.

      I believe if you tried this using language to do any actual work NoteTab
      would 'Error' out. It isn't built for concurrent multi-tasking.

      > So it isn't the number of concurrent clips, but apparently
      > something else, that causes the problems. My best guess so far is
      > nested clips, but I suppose it could be something else. But why
      > should nested clips cause more problem than concurrent clips?

      By 'nested' I suppose you mean clips that are started with a ^!Clip
      command within the body of the currently running clip. If so, I use
      nested clips all the time and have no trouble with them.

      > Surprise! donothing4 won't invoke, it beeps. That is true even if
      > OnClipboardChange is removed or renamed. So it seems that Delay
      > only allows other clips to run if the Delay is invoked from an
      > unrested Clip invocation :( That is a severe limitation on
      > building modular code.

      I had no trouble with 'DoNothing4' beeping, it worked exactly like the
      first 3 clips.

      You may possibly be running into a dearth of resources, NoteTab requires
      a lot of ram, some of the commands/functions are more ram intensive than

      I thought I knew what you were striving for at one time, to use
      'OnClipBoardChange' and have an independent ^!StatusShow of an action to
      be taken, but, I must admit I have no clue at this point.

      ºvº SL-2-9
      2007.02.03 - 16.40.53

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      "Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get."

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