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16024RE: [Clip] file case changing in clip

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  • Corl DeLuna
    Feb 1, 2007
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      Hi Mike,

      This is an image insertion clip all on it own, not a correction to your
      clip, it works fine on NTP 5.1 and 4.95. I did forget to add the other tags
      after the IMG. I've added it here, again it is all on one line:

      ^!InsertHtml <IMG ^?[(T=T;C=U;F="Image Files|*.gif;*.png;*.jpg;")Link to
      image] ALT="^?[Alt=^&]" />^P<p style="text-align: center;"> </p>^P^P

      Gives me this:
      <img src="earth_18.jpg" width="18" height="18" alt="Wala!" />
      <p style="text-align: center;"> </p>

      Jeff and Don are on the right track in correcting your clip when they point
      out that the StrLower is what is changing the case of your clip.



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      Of Mike Breiding
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      Subject: RE: [Clip] file case changing in clip

      At 09:08 AM 2/1/2007 , you wrote:
      >Hi Mike,
      >See if this will work for you. Yahoo might wrap this to 2 lines, make this
      >clip 1 line.
      >^!InsertHtml <IMG ^?[(T=T;C=U;F="Image Files|*.gif;*.png;*.jpg;")Link to
      >image] ALT="^?[Alt=^&]" />
      >This is for XHTML and HTML strict, so you might want to delete the space
      >the closing / at /> if you're using a different flavor HTML.
      >Hope this helps,

      Hi Corl,
      I Could not get this to work with the clip I am using.
      All I need to do is change the part that changes the case.

      This is the line I need to change so it inserts inage files without
      cahnging the case.

      ;Insert image tag and information into document
      ^!InsertHtml <img src="^$StrLower("^%imagename%")$" width="^%ImgWidth%"
      height="^%ImgHeight%"title="^%TITLE%" alt="^%ALT%" />^p<p
      style="text-align: center;"> </p>^P^p

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