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16016Set up working screens after reinsntalling Windows

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  • jerry60447m
    Jan 30, 2007
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      I am an amateur user with quite a bit of experience.

      Years ago, I set up NotePad (an earlier version, which one I don't
      know) with 3 vertical panes. The left pane listed a bunch of outline
      names and a few file names (which I had created and could maintain).
      I had subjects under the outlines which were listed in the second pane
      and the text of the subjects showed, and could be edited, in the third
      pane. I put icons in a tool bar which allowed me to hide and unhide
      the outline and/or the subject name panes. So I had complete
      one-click access and control of all my text material. (The only
      program improvement I wished for was to be able to put suboutlines
      under the root outlines).

      I recently reinstalled Windows XP and now have NotePad 5.1 std running.

      Before installation, I copied all my data and setup files to a USB
      external disk. So they are available now.

      I have tried to set up NotePad to duplicate what I had before, but
      haven't been able to do so. I simply need to know how to create the
      same screen set up and where to copy my *.otl files and other setup files.

      Would someone please help me?

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