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15978Re: [Clip] help with "Images to HTML" clip needed

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jan 17, 2007
      I grabbed the wrong variable apparently. It appears I included the path
      by mistake.
      Use this instead:
      ;Insert image tag and information into document
      ;now includes to high res images
      ^!InsertHtml <a href="hres/^$StrLower("^%imagename%")$"><img
      src="^$StrLower("^%imagename%")$" width="^%ImgWidth%"
      height="^%ImgHeight%" title="^%TITLE%" alt="^%ALT%" /></a>^p<p
      style="text-align: center;">^%ImageName% (^%ImgWidth%x^%ImgHeight%;
      ^$GetFileSize(^%ImageFullName%)$ bytes)</p>^P^p

      The change is just using this:
      in the ahref.
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