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15967Re: [Clip] help with "Images to HTML" clip needed

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  • Sheri
    Jan 15, 2007
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Don - HtmlFixIt.com" <don@...> wrote:

      > Mike,
      > Very easy if the only change is to add hrez to the
      > image name for the link. Is there always a high res
      > image? They are in the same directory apparently as
      > well?
      > Someone can easily do the regex probably ... replace
      > [##].jpg with hrez\1 it seems to me. Are they ever
      > .gif's or other image types? Can you do regex with
      > variables? I assume the answer is yes.
      > I'll try to look at the actual clip tomorrow.
      > Don

      Mike, Don,

      Assuming all that is needed is to prepend like-named links for each
      img src (with "hrez" inserted before the digits in the file name)
      adding this replace command (NoteTab version 5.1) to the bottom of the
      clip should do the job.

      ;next is one long line
      ^!Replace "^<img src=(\x22[^\d]+)(\d+\.jpg\x22)" >> "<a
      href=$1hrez$2>\r\n$0" RASW0

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