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15965Re: [Clip] help with "Images to HTML" clip needed

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jan 15, 2007
      Mike Breiding wrote:
      > I had no feed back this so I am resending in hopes of some.
      > Thanks,
      > -Mike
      > The HTML generated would then be:
      > <a href="silver_rvrhrez01.jpg">
      > <img src="silver_rvr01.jpg" width="466" height="311" title=" Bald
      > Cypress knees and roots " alt="Bald Cypress kness and roots" />
      > </a>


      Very easy if the only change is to add hrez to the image name for the
      link. Is there always a high res image?
      They are in the same directory apparently as well?

      Someone can easily do the regex probably ... replace [##].jpg with
      hrez\1 it seems to me. Are they ever .gif's or other image types?
      Can you do regex with variables? I assume the answer is yes.

      I'll try to look at the actual clip tomorrow.

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