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15927PerlIde clipbook in Ver 5.1

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  • Caro.
    Jan 8, 2007
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      Just a short note in case anyone has the same trouble as me - after I
      upgraded from v4.6 to v5.1 I found that the Run and Syntax Check clips
      in the PerlIde clipbook wouldn't work anymore.

      H=" Syntax Check"
      ^!ChDir ^$GetPath("^##")$
      ^!Shell "^$GetLibraryPath$launch.bat" "^$GetPerlExe$ -c ^**"
      End quote.

      After some messing around I added some double quotes to the arguments:

      ^!Shell "^$GetLibraryPath$launch.bat" "^$GetPerlExe$" "-c" "^**"

      And lo it works again. Don't ask me why. I haven't a clue. I'll
      leave that to someone who understands this. Same treatment for the
      Run clip.

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