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15912help with "Images to HTML" clip needed

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  • Mike Breiding
    Jan 2, 2007
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      I am using a modified version of the Images to HTML clip from the Utilities
      Here is the modified version: http://mbreiding.us/clip/images2HTML.txt

      I use it to generate photo pages like this one:

      What I would like to be able to accomplish is automatically adding linked
      files to the images.

      The clip currently adds all images from the selected directory. I would
      also like the clip to add the linked files from a specific directory

      The HTML generated would then be:
      <a href="silver_rvrhrez01.jpg">
      <img src="silver_rvr01.jpg" width="466" height="311" title=" Bald
      Cypress knees and roots " alt="Bald Cypress kness and roots" />

      And so on, for each image added there would be a link to the high
      resolution image.

      Make sense? Possible?



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