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15764Re: [Clip] Clip to shorten record

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  • loro
    Nov 6, 2006
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      At 00:37 2006-11-06, Robin Chapple wrote:
      >When the html is cleared by NoteTab I am left with nearly 1000 lines like
      >/main/index.htm 65 845 Bytes 23 4
      >I need to retain the filename and visitor count which is the first
      >digits, which could be a group on one, two or three characters.
      >So I need a clip which says "Keep the first two 'columns'. Delete
      >after the second space.

      Or you could find the word "Bytes", back a step to include the space and
      delete to the end of the line. Something like this.


      ^!Jump doc_start
      ^!SetScreenUpdate Off

      ^!Find "Bytes" CIS
      ^!IfError fin
      ^!MoveCursor -1
      ^!Select EOL
      ^!Replace "^$GetSelection$" >> ""
      ^!Goto loop

      ^!Info Done!

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