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15628Re: [Clip] Search & Replace ... but no replace

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  • Don Daugherty
    Oct 10, 2006
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      Axel Berger wrote:
      > Don Daugherty wrote:
      >> ^!Replace "—" >> "whatever I want"
      >> ^!Replace "^$DecToChar(^$CharToDec("—")$)$" >> "whatever I want"
      > Well the first of those doesn't work as I said already and the second
      > doesn't either. The problem is that when you paste certain characters
      > into the clip they are not found. I really think this is a bug.
      > Axel
      That's really strange. I guess the multiple ways of coding characters
      represents a challenge that hasn't been fully conquered in NTP, et. al.
      I assume you are copying the character after it has been read into
      NoteTab (rather in the original application) so that whatever internal
      processing NoteTab has already done is reflected in the copy.

      Does pressing Shift-F12 make any difference in the appearance in the
      neighborhood of the character in question (indicating there is some
      hidden character that is part of the its total code?)

      The scheme I outlined does work for me in my application where I take a
      pdf file, save it as text in Adobe Reader, and than process that in
      NoteTab, but I certainly can believe that your case can be significantly
      different. If I get any other ideas I'll pass them along. Good luck.

      I just tried something that I think was suggested by someone else. I
      loaded the text version of the pdf file I mentioned above, and manually
      performed the equivalently ^!Menu "Modify/Characters To HTML/Extended
      Characters". The resulting code for my "Square box", which appeared as a
      very long dash in the email, was — and the code for a non-standard
      quote or apostrophe was ’ I don't know whether this could be of
      use in your problem, but if it does anything unique then perhaps you
      could do a series of find and replace operations on the resulting new codes.
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