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15619Re: [Clip] Search & Replace ... but no replace

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  • Axel Berger
    Oct 10, 2006
      Robert Kelsey wrote:
      > It appears there is more to it than originally thought.

      I must admit that up to now I had not seen what the fuss was about. It
      seems this is an undocumented quirk if not a bug in NoteTab. First off
      for all those, who don't get it messed up on the way, this is the
      example I was sent:

      You don’t have to be a veterinarian to be able to be part of “Connecting
      Animals to People…”
      Anyway, I am sure you get the picture. Basically, he wanted business
      cards and his little slogan is “Jack-Of-All-Trades”.
      - When you're at the hospital, there is one way to find the north tunnel
      without heading to the south wing first
      - One way that people have been able to find the Veterinary Hospice is
      ‘Yellow Page'.

      Just using <Ctrl<<C> <Ctrl><V> and the menu function <Ctrl><R> worked
      perfectly as expected. So I tried the obvious (i.e. copied the offending
      characters into the clip):

      ^!Replace "“" >> """ WA
      ^!Replace "”" >> """ WA
      ^!Replace "…" >> "..." WA
      ^!Replace "‘" >> "'" WA
      ^!Replace "´" >> "'" WA

      No luck. Next I opened the file in a hex viewer and tried this:

      ^!Replace "\x93" >> """ WRA
      ^!Replace "\x94" >> """ WRA
      ^!Replace "\x85" >> "..." WRA
      ^!Replace "\x92" >> "'" WA
      ^!Replace "\x91" >> "'" WA

      It worked for the double quotes and the triple dot, but not the single
      quotes. No idea why. Then finally I did it this way:

      ^!Replace "^P" >> "<BR>" WA
      ^!MENU Modify/Characters to HTML/Extended Characters
      ^!Replace "‘" >> "'" WA
      ^!Replace "’" >> "'" WA
      ^!Replace "“" >> """ WA
      ^!Replace "”" >> """ WA
      ^!Replace "…" >> "..." WA
      ^!MENU Modify/Strip HTML Tags/Preserve URLs

      This works, but depending on what else there is in the text, especially
      tags, can have all kinds of side effects.

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