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15576Re: [Clip] Message box close automatically?

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  • rickah
    Sep 29, 2006
      Thank you for your replies.

      Just for the record; ^!Keyboard commands don't work because the
      kestrokes arent sent until the "OK" button is clicked. And, the status
      bar isn't prominent enough for my purpose. However, it is helpful to
      know what I cannot and what other options are.

      Plus, in pursuing this I came across "^!Sound" and found that I can
      use: "^!Soundc:\sounds\clipdone.wav" to tell me it's done without
      needing a response to continue.

      Thanks again,

      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Don - HtmlFixIt.com" <don@...> wrote:
      > hsavage wrote:
      > > rickah wrote:
      > > > Is it possible to have a message or info box pop up for just a
      > > > seconds and then close automatically?
      > > >
      > > > Thank you,
      > > > Rick

      > > I'm pretty sure it's not possible but, ...

      > Could probably do it with keyboard commands?
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