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15511Re: [Clip] Reloaded NoteTab and now can't FTP

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  • Sheri
    Sep 14 12:00 PM
      You script lacks commands to change the local directory to wherever
      those files are. For example if the files are in C:\FTP ...

      > Here's my script that I use with the above clip, with the password
      > changed to mypassword:
      > open pages.sbcglobal.net
      > carol.bell@...
      > xxxxxx

      add in here:

      lcd C:\FTP

      > cd /
      > ascii
      > put mm_20_shadow.png
      > put TimeshareMaps.xml
      > mput *Resorts.xml
      > Everything works well with the exception of the put commands. FTP
      > responds with 'file not found'

      If there are spaces in the dir name, I'm not sure how to handle it.
      This is all new to me. However, I used the FTP clip libary to make
      a script which uploaded a text file from C:\FTP. Mine looks like

      open xxx.comcast.net
      lcd c:\ftp
      cd pspstuff
      put hello.txt

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