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15508Re: [Clip] Reloaded NoteTab and now can't FTP

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  • Jody
    Sep 14, 2006
      Hi Sheri, Phillip, and Carol,

      It appears that Carol is using either my Ws_Ftp/WinZip Library or
      somebody else's. Carol, if you need to ask questions about
      Libraries that are not part of the NoteTab installation, you need
      to write the person who wrote the Library in private eMail. You
      may have removed NoteTab's FTP Library and renamed another
      Library to FTP. Anyway, most people that post their Libraries
      have contact information in them. That is who you need to write.
      The people on the Clips list don't always have the Libraries
      built by others. (I will reply to you message that you sent me at
      my Support address.)

      >I don't see any references to winzip or ws_ftp in the generic ftp
      >clip library.
      >--- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Carol" <Carol.Bell@...> wrote:
      >> Thanks Phillip. I tried that, but the SetUp FTP clip doesn't
      >> ask for the local folder names.
      >> I have resorted to uninstalling NoteTab and deleting all the
      >> associated files I could find to no avail.
      >> --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Mr. Phillip Sand Hansel II"
      >> <mr.phillip@> wrote:
      >> >
      >>>> There is a SetUp FTP and a SetUp WinZip in the "QuickWinZip"
      >>>> clip that you may need to run again. It defines server
      >>>> paths and ws_ftp profiles etc... and that sounds sorta
      >>>> like what you are missing.

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