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1530[Clip] Re: NoteTab 4.6a, OUTLOOK and ^!Email Address;Subject[;+]

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  • Nicole Simon
    Oct 1, 1999
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      Clint Tredway wrote:
      > You can set Outlook to use commas as address serperators.

      [+ Fullqoute. Clint, pleae cut down your qoutes to that part which is neede
      for understanding.]

      To be precise: YOu can set Outlook to accept _also_ the comma as seperator.
      If you want to send just mail, a combination with a commanlinemailer like
      postie maybe better.


      »So, you're searching for alien life forms? Don't you meet
      enough strange people in discussion lists like this one? ;o)«
      Anthony V. Vitale
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