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1529[Clip] Re: NoteTab 4.6a, OUTLOOK and ^!Email Address;Subject[;+]

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  • Jody
    Oct 1, 1999
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      Hi Filip,

      >^!Set %MailSomePeople%=person1.test@...;person2.test@...


      ...=person1.test@..., person2.test@...
      ...="person1.test@..., person2.test@..."

      Unfortunately when I installed Win 98SE I lost MAPI so I cannot
      test for you - besides, I don't have OutLook. <g> I am only
      able to look at clips I have that did work in Win95 using MAPI
      like this one with just the actually addresses and subject
      changed for posting. I used it for a quick send.

      ^!eMail "Name One" <Address1@...>, "Name Two" <Address2@...>;Test;+

      >When I use a ',' instead of a ';' as e-mail seperator, the mail fields
      >are filled out correctly, BUT Outlook will start complaining when
      >trying to send the e-mail (I should use ';' instead of ',').

      See if OutLook likes it with the space after the comma and/or
      with the quotes as above. No, don't use the semi-colon - NoteTab
      uses that.

      > ^!EmailFull To;CC;BCC;Subject[;+]

      That would be nice for those who are fortunante enough to still
      have MAPI working.

      Here is a script I was working on awhile back for IE5, but
      haven't had the time to get back to it yet. something similar
      will let you do Cc, Bcc, in Outlook and will bypass MAPI

      ^!SetWizardTitle An alternative to MAPI - does Cc/Bcc!
      ^!SetHintInfo Complete dialog and hit OK

      ^!SetListDelimiter ,^%Space%
      ; One line till the blank.
      ^!Set %Body%=^$GetText$; %To%="^?{(T=A)Select To Address(es)=_Jody Adair^="Jody Adair" <Sojourner@...>|NoteTab Clips^="NoteTab Clips" <Ntb-Clips@...>|NoteTab Basic^="NoteTab Basic" <NoteTab@...>}"; %Subject%=^?{Subject=Test}; %Cc%="^?{Select Cc Address(es)=Jody Adair^="Jody Adair" <Sojourner@...>|NoteTab Clips^="NoteTab Clips" <Ntb-Clips@...>|NoteTab Basic^="NoteTab Basic" <NoteTab@...>|_None^=}"; %Bcc%="^?{Bcc=NoteTab's Addressbook^=NoteBook|"Somebody Somewhere" <Everybody@...>, "Chong" <DaveIs@...>|Put eMail program list nickname here^=List 1|_None^=}"

      ^!FocusApp "Inbox - Outlook Express"
      ; ^!IfAppOpen "Inbox - Outlook Express" DoMail else Next
      ; ^!CmdShow Maximize

      ; this would be your path to Outlook.exe
      ; ^!^$GetValue(MultiMail-ja:eMail)$

      ; ^!FocusApp "Inbox - ^$GetValue(MultiMail-ja:Title)$"
      ; ^!IfAppOpen "Inbox - ^$GetValue(MultiMail-ja:Title)$" Next else Skip_-1

      ; I added the next line without testing. It may
      ; or may not maximize the New Message window.
      ^!CmdShow Maximize
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+N
      ^!Delay 5
      ^!SetClipboard ^%To%
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+V Tab
      ^!SetClipboard ^%Cc%
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+V Tab
      ^!SetClipboard ^%Bcc%
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+V Tab
      ^!SetClipboard ^%Subject%
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+V Tab

      ^!SetClipboard ^%Body%
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+V &50
      ^!Keyboard Alt+F L

      Happy Clip'n!


      The NoteTab Clip List...
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