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1525[Clip] NoteTab 4.6a, OUTLOOK and ^!Email Address;Subject[;+]

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  • filip.filliaert@merant.com
    Oct 1 9:29 AM
      Dear members of this list,

      The following is part of a more bigger script I wrote

      ^!Set %MailSomePeople%=person1.test@...;person2.test@somewher
      ^!Email ^%MailSomePeople%;Test Subject;+

      Unfortunately it appears NoteTab 'shifts' the parameters:

      To: person1.test@...
      Subject: person2.test@...
      Body: Test Subject;+

      which is not what I expected.

      When I use a ',' instead of a ';' as e-mail seperator, the mail fields
      are filled out correctly, BUT Outlook will start complaining when
      trying to send the e-mail (I should use ';' instead of ',').

      Anyone an idea on how to resolve this issue?

      Btw, are there plans to implement a function like below?

      ^!EmailFull To;CC;BCC;Subject[;+]


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