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1523[Clip] Re: Strip HTML

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  • Jan Rosenstreich
    Sep 30, 1999
      On Wed, 29 Sep 1999 14:50:16 -0500, you wrote:

      >> Is there is clip available that is customizable and would allow
      >> you to retain the CR/LF and give you the option to add CR/LF
      >> code when encountering either a <P> or <BR> tag?
      >The reason that is happening is because NoteTab needs to see
      ><HTML> at the top of your document. NoteTab will render strange
      >results if it is not there.

      Thanks Jody,
      The <HTML> tag at the top of the document was the key. I tried it on
      one of my designed web pages and it worked great. I guess that is
      because I am a stickler for compliant pages and always include <HTML> on
      top. Other pages that I have tried to strip out the tags did not fare
      as well. I guess the page authors left out the <HTML> tag in those
      instances. Now I know to look at the source code and add a <HTML> tag
      if needed.

      BTW - great list


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      mystic@... http://www.castle.net/~mystic/
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