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15035Re: [Clip] inserting document numbers based on open documents

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    May 24, 2006
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      Bob Serack wrote:
      > Yes, I wondered if I could maybe simplify the whole process.
      > I guess I'll just have to work at it for a while and maybe get something
      > done.
      > This is an example of what I want to insert at the top of each index page
      > ...
      > Of course all of this depends on how many index.htm pages are in a set.
      > But, with a little programming, it could be done.
      > <p align="center"><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica,
      > sans-serif">Page 3 of 6
      > <p align="center"><A HREF=" <http://bobserack.com/>
      > http://bobserack.com/">Home</A>
      > <A HREF="Index2.htm">| Previous Page |</A>
      > <A HREF="Index.htm"> 1</A>
      > <A HREF="Index2.htm"> 2</A>
      >  3 
      > <A HREF="Index4.htm"> 4</A>

      I have changed the title obviously. I am confused between groups Jody
      am I supposed to top or bottom post around here?


      Some helpful commands for you:
      ^$GetDocCount$ will get the total number of documents

      ^$GetDocName(Index)$ will tell you the name of a document at a given
      index position so you can build the links.

      ^$GetDocIndex(Name)$ will tell you the active documents name - not sure
      you need this one

      ^$GetDocIndex$ will tell you the number of the active index -- so using
      this you can build the little link index easily enough using an if

      ^!If Integer1 <> Integer2 GoToLabelTrue ELSE GoToLabelFalse
      Build that so that you skip building the link if it is the current
      document, instead making it  ^$GetDocCount$ 

      ^!InsertHtml Any text with tokens (^p/^t)
      what you use to actually insert the html you have built

      There is help on clip programming. That is where 80% of this stuff is.

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