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1496[Clip] Strip HTML

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  • Jan Rosenstreich
    Sep 29, 1999
      Hi All,
      I sometimes want to strip HTML from a document so I can paste it into a
      text format. I noticed that when I use this program feature, it bunches
      all the lines together, stripping out the CR/LF (carriage return/line
      feeds) making the document hard to read and requiring major editing.

      Is there is clip available that is customizable and would allow you to
      retain the CR/LF and give you the option to add CR/LF code when
      encountering either a <P> or <BR> tag?


      Jan Rosenstreich Mystic Gateway - Holistic Center
      mystic@... http://www.castle.net/~mystic/
      Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems
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