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14943[Clip] Re: ^$getoutput()$ question

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  • acummingsus
    Mar 30, 2006
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, junja <junja@...> wrote:
      > c_j_ackson wrote:
      > > When I try, "^$getdosoutput("mysql")$", there is this error message:
      > > No output produced by "c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" /c mysql"
      > I don't know mysql but if it's like the average db software,
      > it won't give any output unless you tell it what you want.
      > Which includes opening the db you want then extracting
      > the stuff you want from it.

      If mysql sends messages to STDOUT this is what these clip functions
      capture the STDOUT

      But these clip functions can only capture *after* the clip is launched
      and on through to the end of the clip run and *without* any user
      interactivity in between the start and finish of clip's run as far as
      the entered command and captured output goes.

      This means you must enter one command or a series of commands in the
      clip and then *at_once* (a once only) capture the output of that for
      there is no (no interactive way of) entering a command and then
      sending some more commands with capture in between of each sent command.

      But if you desire to do that latter: DOS language can used to
      redirect STDOUT to a file (rather than the default of to console window).

      I only know how to live monitor such (redirected to) file in Linux it
      is the tail command will in realtime, live monitor and display
      additions as they append/accrue to that file.

      If there exists a way to do this in Win (reload file in editor?) then
      you have a way of viewing (and saving) the captured STDOUT

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