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14749Re: [Clip] Encrypting Entire Subfolders

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  • hsavage
    Jan 31, 2006
      R Shapp wrote:
      > Hi Jody, Harvey, bobbit:
      > Thank you for your replies. Answering the simpler questions first:
      > hrs said>>
      > For my curiosity, is this command line entered into a Dos box prompt?
      > It appears to have a redirection arrow > in it, is that correct?
      > C:\Documents and Settings\RAS>c:\"program files\winrar\winrar" a -pabc
      > -r test C:\temp\*.*
      > The line above does not contain a redirection arrow.

      I see, it's part of your dos prompt. You opened the dos box in that folder.

      > Jody said>>
      > Simply run a Clip: ^!"c:\program files\winrar\winrar" a -pabc -r test
      > C:\temp\*.*
      > This thing runs lightening fast. ...and, to my amazement, it worked!
      > Apparently, ^! inserts what follows into the DOS box and runs it. I
      may never
      > write another Batch file again!

      The ^! preceding the Winrar command is the old way of doing the ^!Shell

      ^!Shell "c:\program files\winrar\winrar" a -pabc -r test C:\temp\*.*

      This line should work identically, look up ^!Shell in NoteTab Help.

      > I will want to use this for lots of other jobs in future. Where in
      Clip Help
      > can I read about ^! ? I see dozens of commands that begin with ^!, but I
      > don't see a listing for ^! alone.

      ^! is in help, under ^!CommandLine, it represents ^!"c:\program
      files\winrar\winrar", but as I said, it's the old way of using ^!Shell

      > NoteTab is amazing!
      > Ray Shapp


      I downloaded a trial version of Winrar. After one becomes familiar with
      it ease of use would probably improve. The GUI provides lots of
      options, too many for me.

      For something like you're doing I use my file manager, it supports
      zipping and password protection if desired.

      -Newspaper HeadLine-
      "Never Withhold Herpes Infection from Loved One"
      hrs ø hsavage@...
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