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  • KK
    Jan 31, 2006

      Here's my clip for the very goog robocopy.exe:

      > ^!SetListDelimiter " "
      > ^!SetWizardTitle "DOS Befehl einf├╝gen..."
      > ^!SetWizardLabel "Kopieren von Dateien mit RoboCopy"
      > echo +++ Dateien mit RoboCopy kopieren...
      > set robopfad=^?{(T=D)Pfad zu Robocopy=d:\tools\}
      > ;one line follows!!!!!!!!!!!
      > %robopfad%robocopy.exe ^?{(T=D)Source
      > Directory=D:\Daten\Projekte}
      > ^?{(T=D)Destination=H:\DivisionS} ^?{Files to copy=*.xls
      > *.doc *.txt *.bqy} ^?{Copy Subdirectories==but not empty
      > ones /S^=/S |including Empty ones /E^=/E }/XF ^?{eXclude
      > Files matching given names/paths/wildcards=*.old *.wbk} /XD
      > ^?{eXclude Directories matching given names/paths=tmp temp
      > old} /R:^?{Number of Retries on failed copies (default is 1
      > million)=_5|10} /W:^?{Wait time between retries (default is
      > 30 seconds)=_10|20|30} /ETA ^?{Delete dest files/dirs that
      > no longer exist in source /PURGE==_Yes^=/PURGE |No}

      Kind regards,

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