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  • hsavage
    Jan 7, 2006
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      Don - htmlfixit.com wrote:
      > Jeff wrote:
      >> great don, but it doesn't focus on the google search page, it inserts
      >> it into the focused Notetab doc.
      > Not in my world Jeff :-) Must be a difference in our setups?
      > What are you getting inserted into the notetab document? The search

      Don, Jeff,

      Using a modified version of this clip to Google with works pretty well.
      I don't have a problem with the search page not being displayed or
      focused. Don's suggestion of a mis-wrapped line could well be correct.

      You could go to the second link below, copy and paste that clip and it
      should work, it does for me, and you, at least, won't have to worry
      about wrapped lines.

      I've fashioned a small clip to prepare clips to be uploaded to
      'htmlfixit.com'. I, also, have uploaded that clip and another to your site.

      The addresses are below, check them out.

      This is a link to FiXiT_UpLoadeR, it appears to have worked twice at
      least. You add this clip to a clipbook, and/or the personal toolbar,
      select the clip you want to upload to fixit and run the clip.

      As I said, it's worked twice for me so far and displays correctly for
      copying and pasting a working clip.


      This clip is 'NoteTab Googler, a variation of your Googler clip, you may
      want to check it also. And, should I post, at least, this second link
      on the clips list so others may try it?


      The third clip, so far, is one that will UUencode/UUdecode clips so they
      will fit into the width parameters of email without getting wrapped.
      The one clip does both processes, encoding and decoding. It's an extra
      step or two but worth it to get a clip you can paste into a clipbook and
      not have to worry about wrapped lines. This is the link.


      These clips can be copied and pasted directly in to a clipbook. Just go
      to the appropriate link, select the appropriate part of the text and
      copy to clipboard. Then paste it into a clipbook and you should have a
      working clip with no worry about wrapped lines.

      'Classic Clothing:'
      'Wearing Outfits You Already Have.'
      hrs ø hsavage@...
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