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14633Re: [Clip] using toolbar in a clip for characters to html all special characters

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  • Jody
    Jan 6, 2006
      Hi Lotta and Don,

      >> Help was a bit short on this one and perhaps a cross reference
      >> at the end of toolbar to
      >Well, Help says ^!Toolbar uses the *button* tooltip text. BTW
      >there is a list of Tooltip commands in the Clip Assistant. Ray
      >Fitzgerald made a handy clip long ago that lets you sort Tooltip
      >command alphabetically or by menu. I'm sure it's around

      NoteTab's ver. 4.60 [Help File in Outline format] by Raymond
      Fitzgerald. It is on my Outlines page/Christian outlines at the
      site. Direct download...

      Help File in Outline format:

      Ah, I just remembered that it is near the bottom of my
      Clip Tutorial: http://www.notetab.net/zip/cliptut.zip

      Start of Ray's Help460.otl so you know where to copy it at if you
      have my ClipTut already - older name was ClipClass.clb - it
      started off like a electronic class when I did it with lessons
      sent out. ;) eClipClass <g>

      H=Ray Fitz's ToolTips
      ; NoteTab Tutorial, ToolTips Compliments of Ray Fitzgerald
      ; Jody Adair <Jody@...>
      ^!SetWizardTitle PLEASE DIRECT ALL ToolTips QUESTIONS TO RAY FITZGERALD <xxxxx@...>
      ; I Bcc'd him: I do not know if the email address is good anymore.

      Happy Clip'n!

      All Lists: http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm
      Convert your eMail programs... Aid4Mail: http://www.fookes/aid4mail
      Freeware and Shareware; seamleesly integrates with NoteTab:
      See ya in the funnies!-) http://www.clean-funnies.com
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