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14627Using clips to fill-in web forms.

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  • Dan
    Jan 5, 2006
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      I have a project to enter data into web forms based on data that I
      have to copy and paste from Notetab.

      I have fair to good knowledge of clips but have a challenge as to
      whether Notetab clips can do what I hope it can do.

      I have experimented with ^!Pasteback and ^!Typeback to take data from
      the clipboard or a variable, switch to my web browser and paste it but
      without success. My interpretation of the help for ^!Pasteback is
      that it woun't work for the data was not originally copied from my web
      browser. Is this true or is there something I am misinterpreting?

      Is there a clip book available for what I am trying to achive?
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