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14612Re: [Clip] ntb-clips

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  • rpdooling
    Jan 2, 2006
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      >anybody tried google groups

      You mean, in general, or tried setting up a notetab group there? I
      hang out in comp.lang.python. It is faster and easier to search and
      "better looking" IMO:


      But I don't know if anyone has ever tried setting up a notetab group
      there. When you search google groups on NoteTab you get a lot of hits
      in alt.comp.freeware but there's no forum devoted to NoteTab. You'd
      have to lead a revolution, I'll bet.

      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Don - htmlfixit.com" <don@h...> wrote:
      > edwhn wrote:
      > > How do I access or view the postings?
      > >
      > I presume you mean the archived posts in yahoogroups for the clips list?
      > I use google personally to find one when I want it as I find that the
      > search function in yahoogroups is near worthless.
      > Has anybody tried the google groups by the way?
      > Otherwise you can get them here:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-clips/ so long as you are member of
      > the group which you must be because ... you posted to the list.
      > Don
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