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14487[Clip] Re: insert boiler plate in messages using a clip

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  • Doug Offen
    Dec 12, 2005
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Don - htmlfixit.com" <don@h...> wrote:
      > > Doug

      > I do this all of the time. Easily done. I often load the stuff into a
      > delimited file (sometimes from a wizard in notetab) and sometimes from
      > another program like access, excel or csv'ed. My clip reads the file,
      > loads the info into an array or processes it (you can even do multiple
      > articles in one file if you like). If you give a couple of samples, I
      > probably have a few clips up the alley.

      Hello Don

      I want to use *.txt files from online services that typically have a
      title, author, body of text, and author's info tag.

      I have created a folder called "offen" in the files area. This link is
      an example of a *.txt file I would use.


      I then convert it to an *.html file using the modify tab in NoteTab. I
      have modified the basic template through View>Options>Internet. I am
      not finished fine tuning the changes yet which will include a separate
      style sheet and server side includes for menus and ad placements.

      Once it is an html document I:
      Make the title a headline.
      Copy and paste the title into the <title></title> tags.
      Copy and paste the title and first paragraph into meta tags.
      Paste in keywords in meta tags.
      Find and convert link tags to clickable links.
      Create a table around the author information.
      Copy and paste the title and first paragraph into a separate
      index.html page that will tie all of the article pages together.

      The *.html page looks like this in the offen folder in files.

      Each time I play with the process, I advance it closer to a finished
      automated routine. I have been working on the suggestions from "Larry"
      and "rpd". Those tips have helped tremendously today. I had forgotten
      about the sample library.

      I put another *.txt and *.html file in the folder too. The html file
      has not been modified with my cut and paste efforts.

      Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.


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