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14486Re: [Clip] Re: insert boiler plate in messages using a clip

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Dec 12, 2005
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      > What I was contemplating was using notetab to achieve results similar
      > to a couple of programs I just bought. Quite frankly neither of the
      > programs do exactly what I want. They seem to be quite similar to some
      > of the clips that are in noetab already so I thought some kind of
      > wizard or merge would work as well and be customizable to my style.
      > I would like to take a text file and markup the title, author,
      > author's resource data, and parts of or all of the article. Then I
      > would like to dump those marked up passages into several different
      > places in an html document. For example the title would go into the
      > <title> </title> tags, as well as in meta tags and <h1> </h1>tags in
      > the body. Ultimately I would set up a number of text files and then
      > have a clip compile the new html documents with a merge type of action.
      > I guess it is way out of my abilities at the moment. I'll keep working
      > with the clips and modifying them to work the way I would like.
      > Thanks for the advice.
      > Doug

      I do this all of the time. Easily done. I often load the stuff into a
      delimited file (sometimes from a wizard in notetab) and sometimes from
      another program like access, excel or csv'ed. My clip reads the file,
      loads the info into an array or processes it (you can even do multiple
      articles in one file if you like). If you give a couple of samples, I
      probably have a few clips up the alley.
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