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14453Re: [Clip] HTML autocomplete clip targeted anchor help please!

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Nov 30, 2005
      ; by: don at htmlfixit dot com
      ; creates a hyperlink from an image to a file
      ; fills in info about the image and prompts for
      ; target/name/alt/border/align attributes
      ; copy stored at: http://htmlfixit.com/blog/index.php?p=326

      ;I would like to get this running in one wizard
      ^!SetWizardLabel "Pick a File To Link To and Enter Value for Attributes"
      ; long line next
      ^!InsertWizardHtml <A ^?[(T=T;F="Link
      Files|*.*htm*;*.php;*.pl;*.cgi")&Select the File to Link To]
      NAME="^?{Link &name=^&}" TARGET='^?[&Target
      ^?{(T=T;F="Image Files|*.gif;*.png;*.jpg;*.jpeg")&browse to find image}
      NAME="^?{Image &name=^&}" BORDER="^?[(T=C)border level==_0|1|2|3|4|5|6]"
      ALIGN="^?[(T=C)align imgage==_left|right]" ALT="^?{Image text
      ; end of long line
      ; replace any double quotes with single
      ; better form to only use double when necessary
      ^!Replace " >> ' ATHS

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