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14405Re: [Clip] MD5 checksum clip : Resolved

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  • hsavage
    Nov 15, 2005
      Charles M. Raine wrote:
      > Hi hrs and others:
      > I added a couple instruction to display the name of the file in the
      > information window to better identify where the result was from.
      > H="GetMD5 ID"
      > ;_Modified-Updated~Created
      > ;_20051114_3:57:08p_hsavage@...
      > ;_20051115_2:30:01p_C. M. Raine

      Good idea Charles, it, usually, never hurts to have more info at any
      given point so I modified the clip a little further.

      H="GetMD5 ID"
      ;_20051115_2:30:01p_C. M. Raine
      ^!SetWizardTitle CHECKSUM MD5 ID
      ^!SetWizardLabel Browse And Select File
      ^!Set %md5%=^?[File or Text ChecksuM==SELECTED_TEXT|FILE_TEXT|_WHOLE_FILE]
      ^!IfSame 'SELECTED_TEXT' '^%md5%' SELECTED_TEXT
      ^!SetWizardLabel Browse And Select File
      ^!Set %filename%=^?[(T=O)GET MD5 CHECKSUM for=C:\]
      ^!Goto ^%md5%
      ^!Set %md5%=^%md5%^%nl%MD5 CHECKSUM for^%nl%^%nl%^$GetFileName(^##)$
      ^!SetClipboard ^$GetMD5Text(^$GetSelection$)$
      ^!Goto END
      ^!Set %md5%=^%md5%^%nl%MD5 CHECKSUM for^%nl%^%nl%^$GetFileName(^%filename%)$
      ^!SetClipboard ^$GetMD5Text(^$GetFileText(^%filename%)$)$
      ^!Goto END
      ^!Set %md5%=^%md5%^%nl%MD5 CHECKSUM for^%nl%^%nl%^$GetFileName(^%filename%)$
      ^!SetClipboard ^$GetMD5File(^%filename%)$
      ^!Info [C]^$StrUpper("^%md5^%nl%^%nl%^$GetClipboard$")$
      ;^!Info [C]^%md5^%nl%^%nl%^$GetClipboard$

      Users can un-comment either ^!Info line to see which display they prefer.

      hrs > hsavage@...
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