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14335Re: [Clip] automatic naming of files

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  • Don Daugherty
    Oct 13 12:38 PM
      hsavage wrote:

      >Jefry S wrote:
      > > hsavage wrote:
      > >>
      > > Thanks, but i'm still having problems. I'm using this clip-
      > >
      > > H="Save As First Line"
      > > ;_Modified-Updated~Created
      > > ;_20051010_12:21:51p_hsavage@...
      > > ; edit next line to reflect your starting_folder' preference
      > > ^!Set %path%=^?{(T=D)Choose Path To Save Files=D:\My Documents\NoteTab\}
      > > ^!Set %line1%=^$GetLine(1)$
      > > ^!Save AS "^%path%^%line1%.txt"
      I think there is some confusion regarding the H="Save As First Line".

      That is the clip header-line within a clip library document. If you
      open any clip library as a text file, either from the File>Open menu
      item, or by right clicking on the library name in the clipbook window
      and choosing Open as document, you will see lines of this nature
      starting each clip. For example, one of my libraries, when so-opened reads

      = V5 MultiLine NoSorting TabWidth=30

      H="Save AS"
      ^!SetDebug On
      ;Above line only for debugging purposes; delete it or prefix it with
      semicolon for normal use.
      ^!Jump Text_Start
      ^!Jump Line_End
      ^!SelectTo 1:1
      ^!Set %FileName%="c:\My Documents\^$GetSelection$."
      ;Above provides nul file extension; use
      ;^!Set %FileName%="c:\My Documents\^$GetSelection$.txt"
      ;if .txt is desired.
      ^!Save AS "^%FileName%"
      ;If preferred, the ^!Set and ^!Save AS lines can be combined into one:
      ;^!Save AS "c:\My Documents\^$GetSelection$." or
      ;^!Save AS "c:\My Documents\^$GetSelection$.txt"

      ^!CmdShow Maximize
      ^!IfAppOpen "^%TBar%" ^!Clip "AlreadyInUse"

      One way to get the new clip into a library is to open that library in
      this manner, and pasting the above text into an appropriate spot in that
      document. "An appropriate spot" would be above an existing H="blah,
      blah, " line. Be sure that each H="..." line has a blank line before
      and after it, as illustrated above.)

      The more usual way of entering clips into an existing library, is to
      simply make the library the active or Open one in the clip library,
      right click over any clipname listed within that library, and choosing
      Add New Clip... This will prompt you to supply a name for the new clip
      ("Save As 1st Line"?).
      Once you have done that, a new main window will be opened and you can
      start typing-in commands or pasting-in commands copied from email. In
      that case your copying should EXCLUDE the H="Save ..." line in the email.
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