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14297Re: [Clip] Re: MakeShortcut command

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Oct 1, 2005
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      Icons, of course, are merely graphics that can be created with many
      applications. However, one or more icons are embedded in exe's and one
      is the default used when shortcuts are created.

      The thing Michael is referring to is that there is a property of the
      shortcut that can refer to a specific icon. Notetab's ^!MakeShortcut
      command does not allow one to control this. Because of this, one is
      limited to the default shortcut of the executable or file type referred
      to. The only recourse is to script a complex clip to change the icon via
      ^!Keyboard commands, or do it manually (Right-click the shortcut,
      left-click Properties, go to the Shortcut tab and click the Change Icon
      button, then navigate to and select the desired icon, etc.).

      The scripting utility AutoIt, as well as other tools, do allow one to
      specify the desired icon, with their create shortcut command.

      It is this functionality, plus some others related to shortcuts that I
      and others would like to be able to do with the ^!MakeShortcut command.

      Larry Hamilton
      Kairos Computer Solutions
      Sales Affiliate for Grisoft Anti-Virus

      dave wrote:

      >Hi Michael
      >the icon is only a picture for you to click on , it has nothing to do with
      >the shortcut , you can make your own icons if you wish .
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