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14230Re: [Clip] WAS:How do I get array data back New problem

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  • Bauke P. de Vries
    Sep 13, 2005
      Thank you all for your information!

      I learn a lot this way. My clip now is functioning.

      I'm trying to write a clip to append a row from one file to another
      file. The "to"-file's name is based on the first field of the row in the
      "from"-file. The "from"-file has about 250 rows and for every row there
      should be a "to"-file. Must be checked.

      Just one little problem left:
      I want the "to"-file checked for duplicate rows (after coping the new
      row). Here a duplicate row is a row where the first two fields (name,
      date) are the same.
      Only the last one of the dupl. rows should be kept.

      Thanks in advance for helping and excuse my use of English (beiing Dutch)

      Met vriendelijke groet,

      *Bauke P. de Vries
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