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14218Re: [Clip] How do I get array data back

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  • hsavage
    Sep 11, 2005
      Ian D. Davies wrote:
      > I notice that you are not running through loop2. You only process the
      > item in loop2 then fall through to ":bestaat".
      > ----- Original Message -----
      >> Hello,
      >> I'm trying to write a clip to append a row from one file to another
      >> file. The "to"-file's name is based on the first field of the row in the
      >> "from"-file. The "from"-file has about 250 rows and for every row there
      >> should be a "to"-file. Must be checked.
      >> The problem is that I don't get any filenames from the filename-array in
      >> the second loop (loop2). I've tried it with another counter (%n%) but
      >> that doesn't work either.


      Would you mind sending your latest clip version and several sample lines
      from a file you're trying to manipulate. It should be a big help.

      hrs > hsavage@...
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